Photos of Thomas Dellert

A series of photos depicting Thomas Dellert private , at his art opening and with important people he worked with through the years.


Thomas Dellert is a renaissance man in the true meaning of the word.
He grow up traveling the world as the son of a a world opera singer. He has been on the international art scene for the last 40 years, working as a visual contemporary artist with painting, collage, photography, film ,video, music , poetry, installation, sculpture, theatre sets and costumes.
His artistic expressions are often satirical in nature, and he loves playing with the history of art and its many isms.
Thomas has over 100 international solo art exhibits to his credit.
He has done over 100 music recordings as a singer songwriter.
He has also done costumes and sets for Television, Opera and Theatre.
He has created and donated art to organisations like The Red Cross,Childhood, Amnesty International,World Wildlife Fund for Nature as well as doing art for American pop artist Andy Warhol and the Swedish Royal family. He has been the official artist for Absolut Vodka, Heinz  and Mercedes Benz. As a filmmaker he has done over 50 short films. Thomas has gone Theatre and Photo school as well as Restaurant school. . He has worked under the direction of legendary director Ingmar Bergman at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. He has himself directed  and performed in musicals and shows in cities like Berlin, Paris, New York, London,Warsaw, Stockholm,Barcelona,Stuttgart and Venice . His art hangs in prestigious collections and Museums.
Today 2019 he  has his own design line  with the name “Tommy Dollar Original “ a name once given to him by Andy Warhol in 1980. Thomas speaks English, French, German and Swedish.