Luigia Lollobrigida
known as Gina and Lollo
1927 - Rome 2023 was an Italian actress
and photographer .
Homage to Lollo using teared down Movie posters in conjunction with movie stills
in the style of the 1960 art movement Nouveau réalisme
Among the most important actresses of Italian cinema ,
during her career she was directed by
Italian directors of great artistic importance such as Vittorio De Sica
.On the American side, it has been directed, among others, by John Huston ,
alongside world famous stars such as
Tony Curtis , Anthony Quinn , Sean Connery , Burt Lancaster ,
Errol Flynn , Humphrey Bogart and David Niven .
As her film career slowed down, she also began a second one as a photojournalist ,
which led her to interview Fidel Castro in the 1970s .
During his career he has received numerous awards,
including a Golden Globe for the film Back to September ,
seven David di Donatello awards , two Silver Ribbons ,
a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ,
as well as a BAFTA nomination for Pane, love and fantasy .