Walk on Art

Hand woven tapestry / rugs Hand-woven in China in 1983 after designs by the artist Thomas Dellert. Only two of each was ever made. 100% Wool.

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We are used to se art hanging on walls, or standing in a park, in a museum, or in a gallery. But why not “Walk on Art”

Well now you actually can.

A strictly limited series of Thomas Dellert’s paintings was transformed into rugs.

Hand woven in China.

Only two of each motive was ever made.

They are in 100 % wool and in natural colors.

Only very few are still for sale.

One woman can make you fly like an eagle.

Another can give you the strength of a lion.

But only one in the cycle of life Can ever fill your heart with wonder.

And the wisdom that you have known a singular joy.

Through the darkness of future past.

The magician longs to see.

One chance out between two worlds.

Fire walk with me.

Twin Peaks.