Is a Warholian Inspired new series of Pop Art works for 2021
The year of World Transitions and Transformations.
It celebrates diversity LGBTQ / Transgender and Drag.
It is a combination of using original photographs taken of Andy Warhol once upon a time in the 1970s in his Factory in New York and more recent photos from 2006/8 depicting the artist himself Thomas Dellert as his Drag Queen alter ego ”Domi-nique Tragique” .
I'ts full of humour and love of life, in all its forms and is created with a hope for a new acceptance of sexual liberation and personal choice.
The drag photos of Warhol was taken by Christopher Makos but Warhol attributed the pictures to himself: they involved his camera and film, and were made in his Factory and it was his ideas he said.
The photos of Thomas Dellert was taken by Agnieszka Dellert and it was also his ideas, camera and film and props , but who cares.
All photos have been played with in Utopia Color Factory Berlin.