MUGSHOTS For The Criminal Record Only

Mugshots are police photographs of a person after arrest for a crime. They are used by law enforcement to create a photographic record of individuals to aid in identification by investigators, criminal victims and the public at large. Photographing criminals began in the 1840’s, shortly after the invention of photography. In art Andy Warhol used infamous criminal “Mug Shots” in his NY World Fair exhibit 1964 at the Queens museum in New York titled “ 13 Must Wanted Men “ It stared up such a scandal that his prints was taken down and covered. This new series of Pop Art Mug Shots titeled “ CRIMINAL RECORD” inspired by Picassos statement, “ All Artists are Criminals they steel until they get Framed “ and is created by the smooth criminal artist Tommy Dollar a name given to Thomas Dellert in 1980s NY when he created a series of hand printed silkscreens for Warhol, who than stole Thomas Camouflage art idea. Warhol said “ Art is what you get away with “ and he did.