In these dangerous times of the COVID-19 we need to protect ourselves and others. But we also have to think positive and to keep on living one way or another. As an artist working with strong images in collective memory and the darker side of our history since 40 years back, I have done these new Corona Mask art works with respect to all its many victims, and with great admiration for all hospital workers, doctors and nurses who like in a war situation, risk their own life to save others.
And in order to make an artistic statement to what is happening to the planet I have worked in a tradition of artists like Francisco Goya, John Heartfield , and Pablo Picasso who among many other artist took upon themselves to deal with the unthinkable, but still the reality of death. And with this in mind I have used the technics of both the Pop Art, and the Dada movement.
Thomas Dellert-Dellacroix