HOMAGE to my Heroes

HOMAGE or Hommage
Homage is a new series of artworks by Thomas Dellert 2019
It's the artist's way of showing his masters and from where he has got a lot of his inspiration
through the years since his childhood.
Artists that in some unique cases he met and did some work for like Andy Warhol in New York 1980 where Thomas had made a series of hand printed silkscreens for Andy.
This is well documented by the Swedish renowned Royal photographer Bruno Ehrs .
And then Christo and Jeanne- Claude who Thomas met several times and at the wrapping of the bridge Pont Neuf project in Paris in 1985 he was one of the helpers.
In this new series of work one feels that his homage to these historical artist before him
is full of admiration and still done with wit and humor.
He uses their artistic tools to make a new artwork in their typical style
with a portrait of the artist as center point.
It shows that the artist is skilled in many different artistic styles and that he has a great knowledge of the history of art. We can also see that the American Pop Art movement
and the French Nouvelle Realism of the 1950’s and 60s
as well as the Russian Avant-Garde of the 1920s
have been the strongest inspirations for his own artistic expression.
He says himself in his manifesto that his art is playing with the many different artistic movements of the 20th century and that it tries to bridge the familiar of the past
with the unknown of the future.
Music . Pictures on an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky 1874 and played today by the Piano Guys