Native American Indian Portraits

Art in respect for the life, culture history, art and traditions of
“Indigenous” - Native American Indians
The Origins of the continent we today know as The United States of America was a peace loving people divided into many tribes. Among them the Cherokee, the Apache, the Cheyenne, the Sioux, and the Navajo. When the Spaniards and later the Europeans arrived claiming the land the native Indians were living on, they brought sickness and death with them. The genocide had started. When the railroad was built for the white man across the vast continent the native American Indians were successively decimated by starvation-and many hundreds of massacres like Bear River, Sand Creek and Wounded Knee to mention a few of the worst. And by manipulations and territorial theft. In the end the natives of America ended up in smaller territories called Reservations. This shameful part of American history, should never be forgotten.
It is the American Holocaust.
Thomas Dellert