Utopia Magazine Covers

Photomontage Funny and ironic photomontage in the form of fictional covers of Utopian magazines.

The Kingdom of UTOPIA has their own noncommercial publisher, its own milky way of tragic stars, its own virtual reality news and its own dumb prescribers. The publications can be bought in newsstands but are usually sold out or destroyed by the Central Non Intelligence Agency for Public Censorship, commonly known as the C.N.I.A.PC.

The actual editions are a well-kept secret, but the sleazy glossy publications are a confirmation of the shallow minds of its saliva dripping readers.

The scandalous and provocative reportages and badly written articles, gives it all to its readers, hungry for dirty gossip and necrophilic celebrations of the immortality of its stars. If you ever get your hands on a copy of any of these magazines, hold on to them as they are already collector’s items before they gone in print.

Dick Print (President of U.P.A.A. Utopian press assassination association.)

Music : Bill Evans