We all know it's a carbonated soft drink
manufactured by The Coca-Cola Company.

Originally marketed as a hangover drink in 1886
and sold in pharmacies.
The drink's name refers to two of its original ingredients:
coca leaves, “Cocaine” and kola nuts “caffeine”
The current formula 7 X remains a secret.

I have been drinking Coca Cola since I was exposed
to some of the very first bottles sold
in my country of Sweden in the 1950s.

Coca Cola is a cult soft drink and has been featured in art
especially by my mentor Andy Warhol
who I did some work for in 1981.

I love the original sexy and seductive shaped glass bottle
designed after the body shape of the American actress Mae West.

This series of new Pop Art prints is my tribute to Coca Cola
and its status as a part of
Art History.

And now, I like to buy the world a Coke.

Thomas Dellert
Music. I like to buy the world a coke