Music: Goodnight Marilyn by and with Tommy Dollar

Marilyn went to bed with many men some famous as herself like Joe DiMaggio, Frank Sinatra,
J.F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy and a hundred more at least.
In the end she was alone in her bed and died there.

Since Marilyn became a contemporary Mona Lisa - a symbol of a mysterious beauty hiding the real truth behind a smiling facade, she has been used and misused in art and advertisement over and over again.
Unfortunately she has often been “flattened” and simplified.

Still after almost half a century from her death, Marilyn is still an embodiment of Stardom. It is probably because she gave to the camera more than any other person ever did. Well maybe Princess Diana did to. And Marilyn was her idol. Both of them was killed my men in Power as they had become with their reckless life and big mouth a “National Security Risk“.

Marilyn said about herself: “I knew I belonged to the public and to the world, not because I was talented or even beautiful, but because I had never belonged to anything or anyone else.” A fear of rejection made her a mirror, reflecting human desires.

This way she became a paradox, a living contradiction, ordinary and glamorous, natural and artificial, smart and stupid, beautiful and grotesque, ubiquitous and unattainable, familiar and distant, selfish and giving , greedy and generous, insecure and confident, victimised and dangerous, naïve and shameful, fragile and everlasting. She was child and mother, mistress and wife, a fine line between sadism and masochism. All things to All men.