Princess Diana and the Non Accident Theory

A series of works reflection on the life and death of H.R.H. Diana Spencer Princess of Wales I once met her briefly in London and have also met prince Philipp in Stockholm Sweden for a theatre concert and dinner in the Confidencen Royal Court Theatre run by my family.
I have been in contact with Mr Fayad after the tragedy of the princess and his son Dodi. I do not believe in the accident theory after following these investigations for over 20 years. I believe like many that it was an arranged accident ( murder in other words ) carried out by professional MI5 agents on the order of the late Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh. Diana herself left a handwritten note in her bank deposit box stating “ If I die in a car accident it will be arranged by my X husband “ Prince Charles. The findings during the extensive investigations that followed the death of Diana and Dodi has clearly indicated that all was a set up
and that a long line of incidents and factors are not truthfully reported.
I see a clear repetition between the death ( murder ) of Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana. Both threatened the men in power to reveal secrets to the press and by doing so became “ National Security Risk Factors ) and was consequently removed the week before they could do so. Its interesting to say the least that princess Diana was so infatuated by the life and tragedy of Marilyn and then ending up in a similar situation herself.
In these contemporary artworks provocative in nature but still respectful,
I have used archive material of the Princess and also created reenactments with an actress playing the Princess.

The Elton John song GOODBYE ENGLANDS ROSE / Candle in the Wind , origionally written in memory of Marilyn Monroe was rewritten by Elton for his close friend Diana after her tragic death
and this is the 2022 recording with THOMAS DELLERT singing the song.