Thomas Dellert one of the first 1980s Absolut Vodka Artists
Absolut Vodka is known for its long-running advertising campaign created by TBWA for the Absolut's U.S. importer, Carillon Importers, Ltd.
In 1983, Carillon's President/CEO Michel Roux approached the artist Andy Warhol, whom he paid $65,000 to create an advertisement for Absolut.
 Over the years, Carillon commissioned the work of well-known painters, graphic designers, fashion designers, as well as many up-and-coming artists.
Thomas Dellert was one of them and represented his home country of Sweden

The creator of the world wide successful Absolut campagnes
died at 78 in May 2019 V.I.P. R.I.P. Michel Roux

The Absolut campaign, appearing largely in upscale magazines, started in 1980 when Mr. Roux was the No. 2 executive at Carillon Importers, which marketed and distributed Absolut in America.
Conceived by the agency TBWA, the ads imbued Absolut with a sophisticated image. “I want to make a fashionable business out of the booze-peddler business,” Mr. Roux told W magazine in 1988.

TBWA used Absolut’s squat, transparent bottle as its muse, with ads like “Absolut Heaven,” which pictured the bottle with angel’s wings, and “Absolut Perfection,” which placed it under a halo.The bottle served as model, adorned with decorations and garb, to describe states of mind like optimism, generosity, elegance and anticipation. The bottle’s shape was depicted in myriad creative ways, appearing as if carved into a computer chip (Absolut Intelligence), Central Park (Absolut Manhattan) and a golf course (Absolut 19th).Mr. Roux, who became Carillon’s president in 1982, added to the campaign by commissioning Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Ed Ruscha and many other artists and photographers to reimagine the bottle in a long-running series of ads. Hiring Warhol — for $65,000 (about $157,000 today), a ceiling Mr. Roux would not exceed for any other artist — was a breakthrough in the campaign.