“ I buy perfume mainly on how much I like the bottle “ Ideas and design for bottles perfumes and fragrances for Men Women and Transgenders created by Thomas Dellert the actual fragrance will be created in collaboration with masters in Sicily-Italy and Egypt All rights reserved and protected

It all started back in 1996 when I was living in London after having gone through a back injury in Stuttgart Germany during rehearsals for the principal part of the Engineer in the Cameron Mackintosh musical Miss Saigon, where I got a Kalashnikov machine-gun up my spine and this resulted in a year of medical treatments and a transfer from Germany to England.
There I was visiting my chiropractic each week and one day I met Madonna on her way out as we had the same doctor.. I then got the idea of creating a Poem book that I later titled Poe M, and a Candy Perfume for her.

I had contacts in Cairo who created perfumes for YSL among others. This man once told me that if I ever wanted to create perfume he would help me. So I went to Paris over a weekend and in the Port du Clignancourt flea market I bought a black glass bottle from there Victorian time looking like a “Poisoned bottle”.

I bought an antique Bible and made an outline of the bottle and cut for days slowly with a razor-blade out a bottle size empty space inside the bible. Just the way they had done during the probation times in the 1920s to hide the bottles they smuggled. I had my friend make an extract of a fragrance smelling like “Candy”.

I but the fragrance in my "poisoned bottle" inside the Bible and wrote on the cover of the book.
“CATHOLIC a Blessed Fragrance by Madonna “
I made a black luxury presentation box in" Bible leather", by a London bookbinder with a hand-written note
“ to create a perfume for a women is to except her infinity Thomas Dellert “ and I had it sent to Madonna who was at the time in the Sheppertone Studios filming the Musical movie Evita. I called the studio a few days later to see it had safely arrived with the special delivery. I talked to Madonna's personal assistant at the time named Caress( hug ) who told me, “yes Madonna has the perfume in her dressing room now “

Then time went and I did not hear anything more from Madge or her assistant. No offer for collaboration on the book and the perfume. Nothing.
One year later the album “ Ray of Light “ came out and one song was dedicated to me without saying so on the CD cover. In the song “Candy Perfume Girl”
Madonna sings :

Did I lie to you?
Magic poison
You're a candy perfume boy
Candy perfume boy
You're a candy perfume boy
Candy perfume girl
The sacred nerve is
Magic poison
It's candy
It's candy
I'm your candy perfume girl,
I'm your candy perfume girl
Boy, girl, boy, girl, boy

In 2017 Madonna came out with the song
and the perfume Hard Candy .