Wall street journal

Paintings by Dellacroix & Dellfina made to look like paper collage and walls attacked by vandals and anti-establishment organizations.

— by Barbara Cohen-Berg, art critic.

Wall Street Journal is dedicated to a dialog with Nouveau Realistes such as Rotella, Hains and Villeglé, and to a verbally humorous and bold attack on the world of advertisement. The thought and skill of the art works are obvious, but in its form, as always with D&D, there is a multitude of other levels waiting to be discovered. Looking at the paintings we undoubtedly believe we are looking at images of torn down posters that have been attacked and vandalized. At first glance I found these images to be lacking in freshness and depth, however, and much to my surprise I noticed upon closer inspection that I had been completely manipulated. All actors, heroes and superstars are actually D&D themselves and the slogans sprayed all over the artworks are part of their enigma. D&D are playing the part of both the creators and destroyers and have effectively generated parallel realities.