The American Dream Portraits

This is a new 2020 series of Pop Art Portraits of American Icons under the title The American Dream
I have worked in an American Pop Art tradition now for now 40 years and had the opportunity to meet some of these legends in person.
Short Pop Art History : After meeting Andy Warhol in 1976 I made a series of hand printed silk screens in collaboration with my childhood friends Bruno Ehrs and Rainer Laakso. This art prints was presented to Warhol in his Factory in New York in 1980. A well documented event.
At the time I did inspire Warhol with my camouflage prints I presented to him that later became Warhols own art expression, with Joseph Beuys and the Statue of Liberty.The same happened with artist Jean Michel Basquiat who visited my exhibit in New York 1982. All paintings by me was then framed with ropes in larger than canvas wood frames. After the exhibit going back to Sweden I could not bring all wood frames so I took out my canvases and left all frames on the street outside the art gallery on St Marks Place  a few meters away from the home of Jean Michel. He brought them home and this new framing technique became his trademark.Today he is remembered partly for the frame style I actually had created.
This time around I have done the portraits digitaly and they come as exclusive prints on metal and plexiglass in a art gallery style 100 cm x 70 cm Signed and numbered 1/10 World wide Only.
Each artwork comes with a handsigned Certificate. No framing is needed.
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